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{first off, i'm not very good at wiki coding, never was and probably never will be, so bare with me here}

My final attempt at making an RP on the mayhem board, so its got all of my passion behind it, but enough of my blithering; lets get right to the point.

- Year 2035

- 23 years ago Earth was at its greatest war, nearly ever country was fighting to either destroy, protect, or even just to defend itself. Nearly all of Earth's immediate resources were eaten up and the planet and all its inhabitants were dieing. But fate would not allow the humans to destroy something that was not truly their's...

- Only a year after the war had started, a year of unrelenting annihilation, a wave of phantom radiation wisping through space ran over the planet. Completely undetectable by any scientific equipment until it had already hit. The "Geiger Buster" incident as it would come to be called, wreaked sheer havoc upon the earth, for one full half a year the earth's atmosphere and environments were in pure chaos. After the radiation subsided only a select few survived, a mere tenth of the Earth's total population.

- When the surface became habitable again the humans decided to rebuild, and in the most peculiar way. Small hamlets sprang up in more isolated areas, but certain governments attempted to rebuild, and still in other areas it had completely reverted to rural medieval society. The US had regained its eastern seaboard where some semblance of American society remains with almost all of the technological luxuries in tact, but the rule is harsh and anarchists abound. central Europe has maintained the best with a rather peaceful society of technology hoarders, but their lives are at threat from the countless medieval factions all around them. In the east the giant of china completely collapsed and has become a series of waring city-states, while japan has become another area where society has recovered but the government with a lack of a military has been unable to keep most cities from becoming gang havens. And all contact was lost with South America, Africa, and the middle east, it is assumed they have all fallen back into rural or tribal nature.

- Survival of the fittest and dog-eat-dog have become law of the land, and changes in the environment, and even the organisms themselves, have begun to set in. Strangely enough, weapons are as hard to come by as food and shelter, and some select few have learned to rely on their bare hands more than anything else. All over earth Taoist, Buddhist, Shintoist, (and etcetera) temples have begun springing up, surviving militarys have raised mercenary-like havens who will train anyone willing to support the surrounding communities, and where society still holds true to a pre-war state gyms, dojos, and 'fighting-fitness' classes have become all the rage. But most learn to fight from gut instinct and application of any possible skills to survive.

- Those who wish to survive make maximum use of the tools available, and hone their prowess to peak condition, survival of the fittest, and the way of the fist...

Where we will pick up at

The game will start in on a man-made island in the center of the Atlantic ocean run by a philanthropist before the war started, people from all over have come here both before and after the "Geiger Buster" incident. People from all over move here, visit, explore, and the really rich vacation here in its 'replicated environment'. but those who choose to live here may never leave unless they pay an amazingly expensive 'exiting toll'. the rules here strictly prohibit weapons and violence, and with the lack of weapons many have taken up fist-fighting and unarmed arts to vent their violence. But even the slightest bit of aggression gets one sent to 'the pit', a large underground prison which is left almost unpoliced, and it has become a glorified fight club of sorts. The players will start out as residents or visitors to this island called 'Freedom Cay'.

bio template

training - whatever physical training the character has had that will aid in survival, both in the 'wild' and in a fight. anything from martial arts to sports to military or even regular working out.

instinct - how strong your character resonates the will to live and their gut intuition.

prowess - your characters physical aptitude, athleticism, and/or passion or demeanor. with high prowess they can be extremely fit or just plain mean.

skill - your characters ability to hold their own in a dire situation, their ability to improvise in a 'street fight', and their know-how in a physically stressful situation.

Each of these is to be given a score between 1 and 10, and then followed by a short bit of descriptive/flavor text describing how they have that score. each character has 20 starting points to distribute to these.

(characters may be as smart or as stupid as they want, these stats have little effect upon mental capacities and vice versa)


age (10-20, any older and you will need to have been a survivor of the war, IM me on AIM or send me a PM so i can fill you in on the details of that.)


build (height, weight, and shape, i don't need specifics)

health (not like if they currently have a cold, but if they have any birth defects that impact overall health, long lasting health problems like a weak stomach or weak immune system, any crippling injury, or if they are just plain out of shape)

fighting style (martial arts, street fighting, raw instinct, whatever, just don't be afraid of detail)

survival style (outdoorsman, tech specialist, natures friend, whatever, just again; don't be afraid of detail)

background (life up until now)

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